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Irena Rivière-Osipov

Company / Organization
European Commission

Title / Position
Policy Officer in charge of e-Invoicing and IT procurement

Short description
My passion for Digital is a long, beautiful and strong professional story. Shortly after I graduated law in Paris, specializing in both European Law and International Economic Law, I joined the European Commission, always working in the Internet world, from the Digital Agenda for Europe since 2009 to e-procurement today. I am currently managing 2 key projects: the set-up of an IT procurement policy for the EU and the e-Invoicing Directive implementation. Smooth running of funding – 10 million for e-Invoicing in 2017 from CEF budget (Connected Europe Facility), building of support tools – the CEF Digital e-invoicing Portal and community, intensive work with stakeholders – public administrations, companies, industry associations are my daily activities.

Since 2008, I am at the core of the main achievements of the European Commission related to the digital economy. With passion and commitment, I built together with other members of my team the Digital Agenda for Europe, a strategic policy implemented from 2009 to 2014 which had a huge impact on the development of Internet in Europe. I moved on the to the e-procurement world, to ensure that the public money in Europe is spend to the best benefit of all EU citizens.

Topic of speech
e-invoicing policy in Europe: from the 2014 Directive to the European standard.