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Janneke Breeuwsma

Company / Organization
Arthur’s Legal B.V.

Title / Position
Attorney at Law

Short description
Mrs. Janneke Breeuwsma, LLM studied and obtained her Master degree in corporate law and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in legal management as well. Janneke is a senior attorney at law specialized in digital, data, privacy & technology, and in that capacity she advises on a daily basis all kind of tech companies, global organizations on drafting and negotiation of deals, IT-procurement, cloud and data, including worldwide standardization. She advises the government of the Netherlands through consultations on topics such as data retention, net neutrality, cybersecurity, law enforcement, cookies and the data breach notification act. She is a frequent speaker about the NIS Directive, security, data and personal at conferences. Furthermore, Janneke contributed through Arthur’s Legal to the following initiatives and organizations: the European Commission Cloud SIG on cloud computing & SLA’ s (C-SIG SLA) and Alliance IoT Innovation (AIOTI), where she contributed to AIOTI WG4 (Policy) and the AIOTI WG3 Privacy in IoT working group and the Cloud SLA Standardization Guidelines.

Topic of speech
‘Personal Data Protection and Security is a solution, not a problem.’ The year 2017 is to prepare for the wave of European regulations in 2018, in which security and personal data protection are essential components. Being digital becomes even more mission-critical so better be prepared. This presentation is about the strategic, pragmatic and legal approach to address data and security principles to be compliant and in control.