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Marius Leonard Motofei-Radu

Company / Organization

Title / Position
Head of CEE B2B Products

Short description
Marius currently oversees Product and Innovation in CEE B2B and has been with Liberty Global since 2012. His role means driving B2B CEE to grow faster than the country markets where he is in charge.

Having a diverse experience, from sales to marketing and from outdoor advertising to software and telecom, Marius defines himself as obsessed with innovation – whereas we are talking about the processes, the business models or about products and services.

He likes to break things apart and succeeds most of the time in putting then back again. Nowadays, his kids help him more and more with the breaking stuff, Marius confided.

He would love to have more time with his kids to teach them how to challenge the status quo each and every time.
As a forward thought, Marius thinks that only versatile people will be able to manage the way things are going to develop in the next 5 to 10 years and that is caused mainly by VUCA trend.

He practices skiing and enjoys dancing every morning with his lovely daughter.