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Razvan Florian

Company / Organization
Romanian Institute of Science and Technology

Title / Position

Short description
Răzvan Florian is president of the Romanian Institute of Science and Technology. He is the author of several learning rules for spiking neural networks (the third generation of neural network models). The essential components of one of these rules, developed through mathematical derivations and computer simulations, have been later found by neuroscientists in the brain. Dr. Florian has also founded two IT companies, Arxia (which he has exited) and Epistemio. He is now working on creating deep-learning based intelligent systems that are able to autonomously write software.

Topic of speech
The AI is coming. Recent advances in deep learning have transformed machine learning from being a neglected research topic to a technology that has been rapidly adopted as a key part of the IT infrastructure of major corporations and that is infusing every industry in which data is processed and decisions are required. Machine learning will disrupt many industries, with an impact similar to the one of the internet and the mobile phone. Increased automation is also having major societal and economic impacts. For example, truck driving is the job that employs the largest number of people, but this job will be fully automated in the next few years. This workshop will discuss questions like: How is machine learning changing the IT industry? How can the local IT industry benefit of the opportunities brought by machine learning? How will machine learning and robotics impact the outsourcing industries which are a significant part of Romania’s economy? How should Romania’s educational system adapt to such changes?