Terms & Conditions for Participation in Cluj Innovation Days
21st-22nd of March 2024

  1. Definitions
  • The Conference – Cluj Innovation Days 2024 Conference organized during March 21st-22nd onsite in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
  • Main organizer – CLUJ IT Cluster a not-for-profit organization (“Asociatia CLUJ IT”) with headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, 28 Memorandumului Street, Cluj county, Romania, https://www.clujit.ro/, contact@clujit.ro
  • Organizing Partners – 1. CLUJ IT Cluster a not-for-profit organization (“Asociatia CLUJ IT”) with headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, 28 Memorandumului Street, Cluj county, Romania, fiscal registration code 30866506, registered in the Registry of Associations and Foundations of the Cluj-Napoca Court under no 174/2012 and in the National Registry of NGOs under no. 2998/A/2012, www.clujit.ro, email: contact@clujit.ro
  • Registration system, hereinafter referred to as the System – An Internet application, platform or questionnaire, used by the organizer, which enables the supporting of the registering process for participants of the Conference.
  • User – Every person that uses the System to register for the Conference.
  • Participant – Natural persons, who have full capacity to perform acts in law, as well as legal persons and organizational units that do not have legal personality, but which are able to acquire rights and assume obligations in their own name, and which used the System to correctly register for the Conference.
  • Delegate – natural person sent to participate in the Conference representing a Participant that is a legal person or an organizational unit as defined above. Such participants can have several Delegates and can substitute them but no later than two days prior to the event.
  2. Additional provisions and information
  • The official Conference website is: https://clujinnovationdays.com/,
  • The scope of the System’s operation also includes a service that consists in the storing of User registrations in a database, and handling such registration, by the Organizer.
  • The provisions contained in these Terms & Conditions are applicable to all Participants including their Delegates and representatives. Applying for participation in the Conference implies accepting all Terms & Conditions and all other contractual and legal provisions that apply. The registration is successful and the contact is considered duly concluded only after receiving the confirmation of participation by email.
  1.  To participate in the Conference participants must register for the Conference, which can be done exclusively via an on-line form available at the Conference’s website.
  2. The Organizer reserves a right to modify the list of speakers and/or the agenda for reasons beyond its control (Force Majeure, as defined by the Romanian Civil Code – Law no. 287 / 2009). The Organizer shall not be held liable in any way for damages vis-à-vis the Participants in such an event.
  3. The Organizer reserves a right to change the Conference date or to cancel the event altogether for reasons beyond its control as mentioned above. 
  4. The number of Conference places is limited. Participants will be enlisted on the first come first serve basis.
  5. Permission to use image: During the Conference, the Organizer may arrange photo sessions and may film the course of the Conference for the purposes of broadcasting in the media (TV, radio, Internet, printed-press) or for the purposes of documentation, marketing, or advertising for the Organizer or other parties named by the Organizer. By registering for the Conference Participants give in a contractual way their permission for the recording, use an/or dissemination by the Organizer, parties related to it of each Participant’s image, voice, expression in any promotional and marketing materials without limitation of time or territory but strictly related to the Conference and / or the Organizer and its Organizing Partner. This permission means specifically that photo, video and audio recordings taken during the Conference may be placed on the Conference website or another website managed by the Organizer, as well as used in marketing materials, including by dissemination in audio or video formats. The Participants hereby wave any claims (existing or future), including for compensation from the Organizer for lawful use of their image, voice or expression for the mentioned purposes. According to the provisions of the Law 8 / 1996 on Author rights, portraits / zoomed-in facial images of the Participants can be used without specific written consent or agreement only if they are Speakers or representatives of the Organizers, Sponsors or Partners. See also the GDPR notice (“INFORMATION regarding the policy for PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION”.
  6. The Participants are required to observe the regulations document applicable at the venue of the Conference, including especially principles of general safety, fire safety and security, as well as the prohibition of possession of weapons or other prohibited or restricted substances or objects and the prohibition of any conduct that is not allowed in a professional environment, like violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, unwanted touching, consuming drugs etc.
  7. During the Conference, the Participants shall follow any housekeeping instructions that may be given by the Organizer and in particular shall refrain from recording of the keynote speech (in audio, video and photo formats, or any combination thereof).
  8. Should a Participant be found to be in breach of the Conference Terms & Conditions and other legal or contractual rules that apply, the Organizer shall have a right to refuse the Participant the right to further participate in the Conference and request him or her to leave the Conference space, site or venue.
  9. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes in these Terms & Conditions and in other Regulations. Upon an announcement by the Organizer of any changes to the Terms & Conditions and in other Regulations, each Participant registered for the Conference should immediately read such changes. Participants who do not accept any of the changes should notify of their position to the Organizer in writing via electronic channels at: contact@clujit.ro, Titled: CID Terms & Conditions. 
  10. These Terms & Conditions are governed by Romanian Law and the EU legislation that applies. Any disputes arising in relation to the Conference participation shall be decided by Romanian courts with jurisdiction for the Organizer as not stated otherwise by the consumer protection legislation.
  11. The Organizer and the Organizing Partners, as well as their staff and contractors shall not be liable whatsoever for the Participants’ property that may be lost, destroyed or stolen during the Conference as long as there is no intended breach of legal or contractual duties or gross negligence.
  12. The Participant is fully liable for any damage he/she may cause at the Conference premises.
  13. The official language of the conference is English.
  14. Since registration as a Participant is done only online and the Organizer communicates with the Participants prior and after the Conference proper per e-mail, access and ability to use computers and electronic communication is required and assumed.
  15. Registering as a Participant is possible until 20.03.2024, if the maximum possible number of participating persons was not already reached. The Organizer can create a reserve list of attendees.
  16. Participants, respectively their Delegates, must have an identification document with them and identify themselves to the Organizer, Organizing Partners or the legal authorities upon their request.
  17. The Organizer has performed a best effort procedure to identify and invite relevant and reliable speakers and content providers, but the Conference is not intended to be a scientific conference, with scientific papers and posters sent in advance, peer-reviewed or reviewed and accepted by the Organizer or the Organizing Partners. Therefore, they cannot accept any responsibility for the content of the presentations